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Posted on: October 8, 2008 1:44 pm

2008 MLB October LDS Recap

I feel like I have slighted Cubs fans. I, like many others, decided to pick the Cubs to win the World Series. I thought the Cubs would breeze through the NL playoffs and reach the World Series, possibly losing to the Red Sox or Angels. But did I think the Cubs would be swept out of the playoffs to conclude 100 years of infamy? No, not even close. The Cubs are dangerously close to being compared to my Braves in the early 2000s as teams that have fantastic regular season success, and little post season hardware to show for it. And if the Cubs are going to continue to lose in October, can Lou Pinella at least go on a few rants? Throw some bases? Drink Aquafina? Please? No, okay, on with the LCS recaps.

Boston over LA Angels (3-1)
Boston went into LA and just out-pitched the Angels when it mattered. Jon Lester was fantastic in Game 1, and J.D. Drew's homer off K-Rod in the 9th sent this series back to Boston with the Red Sox up 2-0. The Angels took Game 3 to stave off elimination but Jed Lowrie's walk-off RBI single to plate Jason Bay in Game 4 sent the defending champs back to the ALCS. Somewhere Dickie V is shouting "AWESOME BABY!!"

Tampa Bay over CHI White Sox (3-1)
One post season series, one post season victory for the Rays. A growing theme in the postseason, Tampa took the first two games at "The Trop" thanks to Evan Longoria two homers in Game 1 and Scott Kazmir's arm in Game 2. Jon Danks saved the White Sox from the dreaded sweep, but Andy Sonnanstine shut the door in Game 4 with a little power from B.J. Upton.

LA Dodgers over CHI Cubs (3-0)
I'm sensing a pattern here...The Dodgers won the first two games in this series as well. Okay, they won the only three played, but that's not the point. The Dodgers stormed into Wrigley and dominated the Cubs before closing the door in a much more competitive Game 3, but it was not enough for the tortured Cubs.

Philadelphia over Milwaukee (3-1)
In no surprise, the Phillies also won the first two games of this series as well, behind Cole Hamels' 8 innings in Game 1 and Brett Myers out dueling CC Sabathia in Game 2. Favorite stat of this series - In Brett Myers two at-bats, he saw 19 pitches from CC. CC threw about 100 pitches in the game and didn't make it deep into the game either.


See my previous October blog for my original analysis.

Boston over Tampa Bay - Originally had the White Sox here, but regardless Boston has the largest TV audience and advance.
LA Dodgers over Philadelphia - Again, had the Cubs here, and either way, Philly is getting snubbed in the TV bracket.
WS - Boston over LA Dodgers - One half of the TV bracket is alive. Thankfully, it's the winning half.

Tampa Bay over Boston - Hey! One of these things actually worked. Tampa's not sure who it's QB is, but they know it's better than Matt Cassel.
Philadelphia over LA Dodgers - Umm...LA doesn't have a football team. Do we use the Rams? Raiders? USC? Whatever, GO EAGLES!!!
WS - Philly over Tampa Bay - Give me Brian Westbrook or give me death.

Tampa Bay over Boston - This is the matchup I wanted to see. Sorry Dad, I'm going against the Sawx. It's all about the Rays Bandwagon.
Philadelphia over LA Dodgers - Wanted the Cubs, but I'll settle for Philadelphia having a chance to end a city-wide champion-less streak of its own.
WS - Tampa Bay over Philly - Wanted to see a Cubs-Rays series, but I'll settle for the Rays going 1-1 (Octobers-Championships).

Tampa Bay over Boston (in 7) - Okay, so my entire bracket is toast. My entire World Series (Cubs/Angels) is gone. I should have just lit my fake entry fee on fire because I knew it was going to happen. Why? It's me, I'm only good at March Brackets. But let's see if I can change my luck. I did pick two series correctly (Phils/Rays in 4).
Philadelphia over LA Dodgers (in 6) - I'm sick of Manny. I'm sick of the Red Sox. I don't want to see either of them in the World Series. I want something different. Ratings be damned, let's see the little guys have a chance.

WS - Philadelphia over Tampa Bay (in 6) - I'll probably be picking this again next week. But who cares. I'm looking forward to two great LCS series and I think the ALCS is destined for greatness.


Someone needs to explain to me why there isn't a playoff baseball game until Thursday and why that game (LA-PHI) is going to be a 8:22 EST start? I know that both games are on the East Coast for Friday, but is a 4:30-8:30 doubleheader the way to go? I don't like it. Somewhere, someone decided that a national audience would want to watch a baseball at 8:30 EST. I can see this making sense for the LA-Philly series, because its a West vs. East matchup. But Boston-Tampa? There's no reason any of these games should be after 7:30 EST.
If someone on the West Coast want's to watch it, they'll find a way at 4:30 PST to tune into the game. There are three East Coast markets that should take precedence over the lone West Coast market. Yet, MLB thinks it's a good idea to move the games to a West Coast friendly time. It might be time to write Mr. Selig another letter...

Enjoy the baseball everyone, and remember - There's only one Fall Classic, there's only one OCTOBER!!!

- Eagle
Posted on: October 1, 2008 12:58 pm

2008 MLB October Preview

There's always three guarantees for me in October - it starts to get colder, my allergies flare up, and October baseball. With my Braves and rival Mets and Yankees both sitting at home or playing golf, you would think that I have no rooting interest. Lies. My top three teams that I'm rooting for this postseason.

1. Boston Red Sox - This is my dad's team and my favorite AL team as well. They have a tough start facing the LA Angels and the injury bug may be biting them, but this isn't your grandfather's Red Sox team. These Red Sox are October tested.

2. Tampa Bay Rays - The Exorcists, I mean Rays are the Cinderella team of the year. I've always liked these guys and have been trying, miserably, to find a Devil Rays hat. Either way, you can't root against this team. Kind of like how you can't root against these guys...

3. Chicago Cubs - unless your from the South Side of Chicago. It's been 100 years since the Cubs last won a World Series. They are the best team in the NL. Goats, Cats, Steve Bartmans and curses aside, it's about time the Cubs got this over with.

Honorable Mention - Brewers/Phillies - Just for eliminating the Mets. Or rather, cashing in on another Mets choke job.

I'm going to give everyone several different brief previews based on TV ratings, football, personal bias and then my actual bracket. The TV bracket is basically all driven by FOX and how well the World Series will draw ratings. My personal bias bracket shouldn't happen, but I'd like to see it anyway. And then my actual bracket will be to win. Just like a March Madness bracket.


Boston over LA Angels - Boston draws a national audience and Japan would watch over the internet as well.
CHI White Sox over Tampa Bay - TV is very happy that the White Sox beat the Twins. The ratings for a Twins-Rays ALDS would suck.
ALCS - Boston over CHI White Sox - TV might be personally sick of the Red Sox winning, but they do draw ratings.

Phillies over Milwaukee - Philly could draw a decent East Coast rating, but they're not New York.
CHI Cubs over LA Dodgers - Manny is a good draw, but not as good as the Cubs national audience.
NLCS - CHI Cubs over Phillies - Again, only New York could dethrone Cubs baseball on a TV ratings scale.

WS - Boston over CHI Cubs - 100 years and counting as the Boston claims another title.

Boston over LA Angels - Umm, LA doesn't have a football team, so they forfeit.
Tampa Bay over CHI White Sox - I still can't trust Kyle Orton, despite beating my Eagles on SNF.
ALCS - Tampa Bay over Boston - Bucs look solid and the Pats are shopping for QB's

Philly over Milwaukee - We're using Green Bay, but the Eagles would beat the Pack with Westbrook healthy.
CHI Cubs over LA Dodgers - Again, LA doesn't have an NFL team.
NLCS - Philly over CHI Cubs - I don't care about last Sunday. Westbrook would punch that in from inside the one.

WS - Philly over Tampa Bay - Okay, so it's an NFC Championship game, but Philly has the best NFL team out of all MLB postseason teams. At least that's what I'm telling myself...

Boston over LA Angels - As much as I like Mark Teixeira, he's going down.
Tampa Bay over CHI White Sox - Never liked Ozzie Guillen that much, and it's the Cinderella Rays.
ALCS - Tampa Bay over Boston - Bet you didn't see that coming. I might like Boston more, but I've seen them win.

Phillies over Milwaukee - Phillies are the NL East rep, I'll root for 'em.
CHI Cubs over LA Dodgers - Again, it's been 100 years for the Cubs.
NLCS - CHI Cubs over Phillies - I'd be happy with either team, Cubs 100 years, Philadelphia sports. Someone needs a championship.

WS - CHI Cubs over Tampa Bay - Cubs end the curse.

LA Angels over Red Sox in 5 - I'm not sure about either side, thanks to a handful of key injuries, so rule of thumb is take the home team.
Tampa Bay over CHI White Sox in 4 - I like Tampa to beat an emotionally drained White Sox team.
ALCS - LA Angels over Tampa in 6 - I love the Rays, but they're young. The Angels have been here before.

Phillies over Milwaukee in 4 - With Ben Sheets hurt, CC wins only one game and the Phils move on.
CHI Cubs over LA Dodgers in 4 - Cubs have been baseball's best team and the Dodgers won the NL West.
NLCS - CHI Cubs over Philly in 6 - Philly just doesn't have enough pitching.

WS - CHI Cubs over LA Angels in 6 - No East Coast Bias here, but I'm picking the Cubs to end 100 years of futility. If significant Cubs fans wish for me to change my pick, please post below and I will certainly do so. Until then, there's only one Fall Classic, there's only one October!

- Eagle
Posted on: August 6, 2008 8:12 pm

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly - August 6th

This is almost becoming a theme for me on this blog. I don't know if it works, but it's fun to write. A random smattering of sports topics from the past week or so, including one ongoing saga that might cause my brain to turn into mush...

The Good

Revolution Claim Superliga Crown

Most of you are asking, what the heck is Superliga and who are the Revolution? The New England Revs of Major League Soccer topped fellow MLS side, the Houston Dynamo, in an 8-team tournament that pits the best four teams from MLS and the Mexican Primero Division soccer clubs. The Revs topped the Dynamo 6-5 in a penalty kick shoot out after a 2-2 draw that included goals from both sides in extra time. The sad part about this game, it wasn't broadcast on TV, only on Telefutura, a spanish channel that I didn't have. But ESPN will pick up a "friendly"/exhibition between Spain's FC Barcelona and MLS' NY Red Bulls instead of the final of a "major international" tournament.

The Olympics

Forget the controversy with China and Darfur and the pollution, this event isn't about that, yet athletes continue to make it a big political soap box. I'm most looking forward to Kobe, LeBron and 'Melo and the rest of Team USA return to glory in Men's Basketball. Micheal Phelps going for some absurd amount gold medals again should be fun to watch. And the Men's and Women's National soccer teams will be in action (Women actually lost to Norway 2-0 already), meaning I've worked two soccer references into this blog and will probably lose ratings points because of it...

The Bad

Joba Chamberlain

Again, I hate the Yankees. I want to see lose 162 games every year because I hate their organization that much. I still respect the players, especially the young guys from their Series runs in the late 90s like Jeter, Posada, Rivera, Bernie. But I don't want to see this happen to the Yanks, especially with the three team AL East race with Boston and Tampa heating up. Losing Joba is a huge blow to the Yankees' already have problems in their rotation and now will be without Chamberlain for an extended period of time as he went on the DL and visited Dr. James Andrews, which is a first sign indicator that this could be serious.

NFL Gripes

Memo to the Giants and Jets franchises - Personal Seat Licenses are not the way to go. If I was a season ticket holder for a New York NFL team, I wouldn't renew my seats. I might partner up with other fans or get a package deal, but I wouldn't get season tickets. I have to pay for the right to buy season tickets? That's like charging me a thousand bucks to look at a house or a car. It makes no sense. And for that new Fan Conduct Policy, fans know where the line is. If you want to get smashed while tailgating and be a drunk, belligerent moron while at a game, fine. You can get tossed. But that's not going to stop me from jawing with the fans sitting near me. You can joke around with the kids, but they're off limits and you shouldn't be cursing near them anyways. This policy just outlines what fans should already know and I think it's useless.

The Ugly


Just one week after the debacle at Indianapolis, NASCAR decides to break out the rain tires and wiper blades for a Nationwide race in Montreal on a road course. And with the Sprint Cup and Nationwide series both at Watkins Glen this weekend, NASCAR will go to the rain gear again should the weather turn south once again. Nationwide drivers had enough problems last weekend, including a wreck under caution before the race was called 26 laps early. And NASCAR wants to try again? I don't like this idea. I like having the two road course dates to change things up, but let's try to solve one tire problem before tackling rain tires/equipment, okay?

Manny Being Manny Goes West

The Manny Ramirez saga in Boston finally ended with a three team deal that sent the surly slugger to the LA Dodgers. It was a sad end to an otherwise adventurous and successful tenure for Manny. He help lead the Red Sox to their first World Series in 86 years and then help lead the Sox to the title last year as well. Boston gets back Pirates All-Star Jason Bay, who's a solid player and should do well up in Boston. I don't know what caused this massive rift between Manny and the Red Sox organization this year, but it seemed to come almost suddenly to me. I'm not familiar with the background and I know that Manny has had past issues with the team, but to me it looked like water under the bridge. Either way, this trend of players being able to dictate trades and holdouts is getting old. Like another player we'll get to...

That's not a bad week or so of sports in my opinion. I returned to the Braves glog for some west coast action against the Giants. I am looking forward to the Philadelphia Eagles preseason and getting a look at a healthy offense, keyed by Donovan McNabb and Brian Westbrook. But there is one NFL story that will never end.

The Ugliest

Brett Favre

Brett, you can't play in Green Bay and you shouldn't play anywhere else. But please end this. I swear if I see one more ESPN Special on this...

- Eagle
Posted on: May 13, 2008 10:29 pm
Edited on: May 16, 2008 2:17 pm

Achieving Greatness - Story of a Superstar

This is a post I've been meaning to get around to. Last year during the baseball post-season, my college roommate and I we're trying to get our CBS profiles up to Superstar level to post on the post-season GameCenter glogs. My roommate is an Indians fan and was posting on numerous game threads to get his rating up. I wasn't as interested for that postseason and was already deep into my fantasy football league on CBS. After the Indians got bounced by the Red Sox (because my roommate started running his mouth off) all the two of had to show for our efforts were two profiles with All-Star rankings in the high-eighties. I let my profile slack off a bit, but after my fantasy league ended, my second place finish sky-rocketed my "Skills" rating, giving me a 94 rating overall. Now, I have no idea how the CBS profile rating works, nor do I care, but my roommate and I had a bit of a race going. There was no prize, merely bragging rights within our little dorm room in NJ. Some time in the past couple of months, CBS blessed my efforts with a "Superstar" ranking allowing me to (finally!) post on the Glogs. Now, that's how I spend my nights, watching the GameCenter or if I'm lucky the Braves on TV, usually SNY or Comcast for the Mets and Phillies but occasionally on ESPN or TBS for national game. Glogging a game without audio or video is actually hard, because I tend to miss big defensive plays and have to wait for substitutions and whatnot. Also, GameCenter tends to hate me (and by that I mean my computer sucks), and lags or fixes a mistake on a weird play after I've posted on the glog, making me look like an idiot. Which I am, but that isn't the point. The point is, I beat my roommate to greatness and am now reaping the benefits. And I love it.

And you still suck Norm.

Authors Note 5/16 - Cracked CBS Top 1000. Again no idea how. It's still cool though.
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