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Posted on: May 27, 2008 12:37 pm

MLB Responds - A Letter From Mr. Selig

Author's Note: The following is not a letter from Mr. Bud Selig, Commissioner of MLB. I made it up. This is in response to my previous blog entry in which I "wrote" a letter to the Commish telling him to install an instant replay system in MLB.

Dear Eagle -

After seeing the numerous disputed calls in the past week across Major League Baseball, I received numerous letters such as yours asking for instant replay in baseball. Please understand that this is a tremendous undertaking for our sport, and it could take years before a system is in place. However, we are looking into using instant replay for home runs only in this years Arizona Fall League and look to expand on this system for Spring Training in 2009. We appreciate your concern and understanding of the situation and hope that this will be a step in the right direction for the sport of baseball

Bud Selig
Commissioner of MLB

Again, I made that up. I first posted my "letter" (last blog entry) on May 19. I had to add a few bonus comments because over the past week or so there have been too many disputed home runs for me to count. Again, this is a problem. Part of the blame does go to the ballparks for having quirky ground rules and outfield walls (that would be you Houston), but most of it does fall on the umpires. I get it, they miss calls, they're human and it's perfectly understandable. But a disputed home run call should happen maybe, once a month. This is the second easiest call in the game besides safe or out. Is the ball over the fence or not? It's a simple question. There should be a simple answer, but for some reason, no one can get it right. The umpires are standing in the infield, and looking at a ball over 200 feet away trying to make a call. Maybe they should be closer to the wall? Maybe we should back up all the fans from the wall to eliminate interference and make the calls clearer. I don't know. But right now (thanks in part to me) MLB is trying to fix the problem. And the Arizona Fall League isn't a bad place to start.

- Eagle
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Posted on: May 19, 2008 3:21 pm
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Letter to MLB - It's time for Instant Replay

Dear Mr. Bud Selig,

After seeing Carlos Delgado's home run call reversed incorrectly in last night Mets-Yankees game, I feel it is important to tell you that MLB needs an instant replay system. While that particular play didn't affect the outcome of the game, that isn't the point. I have officiating experience in many sports and would admit to missing calls on numerous occasions. Umpires, referees and other officials will make mistakes, they're human and it's understandable. I am not here writing to remove the umpires from the field and just using a computer or that QuestTech balls-strikes system you use to rate the umpires. But there needs to be a safety value in place to just correct simple things. Making sure a ball is caught and not trapped in the field, checking to see if a runner touched a base or if a tag was applied and, of course, home runs and fair or foul balls. Balls and strikes are protected and can't be argued, and I don't want to change that. That's the best part of the game to me. But in the very few instances that replay needs to be used, and it's not very often, MLB needs to have a system in place make sure the call is correct. Every other major sport, the NFL, NBA, NHL and many NCAA college sports, have an instant replay system. I understand the rich and deep history of baseball, but I think that baseball needs a replay system. You could ev aen test it in the minors before implementing it in the majors. I understand the owners have a say in this, but you are the commissioner of MLB. And you need to make this change before it decides a game, a playoff berth or worse, a World Series.



5/20 - Cubs catcher Geovany Soto hit an inside the park home run yesterday (5/19) against the Houston Astros. Soto drove a ball off the center field wall. I know Houston's Minute Maid Park has a quirky outfield with the hill in center and the crazy fence. But upon further review, the ball caromed off the wall, beyond the yellow line for a homer. Now, Soto recorded the home run anyway, running all out for 360 feet, but again, just another reason to look into a replay system. That and maybe telling Houston to build a less confusing ballpark for the umpires.

5/22 - Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez should have hit his second home run of the night yesterday. However, for the THIRD time in the past week, the umpiring crew missed a home run call. A-Rod's ball ricocheted off a stair case, beyond the fence, and back into play. Again, the call did not affect the game as the Yankees routed the Orioles 8-0, but again, that's not the point. If the umpires are missing calls this often, at some point, it is going to decide a game. And I would hate for that to be the reason to implement a replay system. MLB should do it on their own. But we'll see.
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