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Posted on: February 7, 2010 9:35 am

New Orleans Saints are the New America's Team

Sorry Dallas. But there's a new sheriff in town. And that is the New Orleans Saints.

In all my years as a sports fan, short as that may be compared to most, I have never seen one Super Bowl team with more support nationwide than the Saints. Regardless of which team you bet on and what numbers you have in your Super Bowl pools, admit it. You want the Saints to win. You want the city of New Orleans to win.

Not even the New York Giants two years ago, attempting to stop the Patriots 19-0 season, had this much support. In that game, you either wanted history, the Pats, or you wanted to see Darth Hoodie and the Golden Boy go down in flames and rooted for the G-Men.

Aside from the city of Indianapolis and the state of Indiana, everyone is rooting for the Saints. I've never seen this before. It's surreal. Even rival fans of the Saints in Atlanta and Tampa have to at least be thinking to themselves...we can't root against these guys. Not today. Not in the Super Bowl.

The New Orleans Saints have never been to a Super Bowl before. The city has never won a major sports title in professional sports. After Hurricane Katrina, pro sports almost died in the city. Somehow, in the aftermath of the greatest disaster in New Orleans history, the Aints died. And in their place arose a team with a heart greater than any team before it. A heart that beats with people of one unique city, in a bond that can never be broken.

The Colts are favored in this game. They have Peyton Manning. The only native New Orleans residents rooting for the Colts are the Mannings themselves, perfectly understandable. But deep down, the Mannings know this is a win-win situation. Either their family or their city will have a Super Bowl victory. We know which they are rooting for the most, but still, they know better than most what this city has been through.

And yes, this is America's team now. Dallas might have a national fan base, but it has twice as many rooting against them every week. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone to root against these Saints. Drew Brees is too short. Reggie Bush can't run off tackle. The defense can't stop anyone. But that doesn't matter anymore. The Saints are here in the promise land of Super Bowl XLIV.

And win or lose, the city of New Orleans is throwing a parade for its football team. That's fitting in more ways than one. The Saints deserve it. And does the city of New Orleans really need a reason to have a good time? I think not.

But they're going to have one I think. The Saints defense will find ways to create turnovers against the invincible Peyton Manning and the Colts offense. I don't think this game will be a shootout into the forties, perhaps the thirties for the winning team. But in the end, I hope that Drew Brees and Sean Peyton hold the Lombari Trophy high.

There's a party on Bourbon Street tonight. The Saints are in the Super Bowl.
Posted on: September 21, 2009 11:55 am

Saints-Eagles: How 5:20 Can Change a Game

Kevin Noonan thinks that the Eagles are only pretenders now. And that the Saints are one of the NFC's best teams. Let's settle down Kevin, the Saints have blown out the 0-43 Detroit Lions and a McNabb-less Eagles team that was done in by the worst 5-minutes of football I've seen in Philly in a long time. Don't believe me? Let's roll the footage...

2Q/1:59 - Saints punt it away to Eagles WR/PR DeSean Jackson. Jackson fields the punt at the 3, instead of letting in bounce into the endzone for a touchback. To his credit, Jackson did get a nice return on the play, but it didn't count because...

1:43 - A zebra threw a yellow sock on the field. Actually, it was more like 8, but whatever. Block in the back, Kolb and the Eagles are backed up again thanks to another ST penalty. This was the only time I thought Kolb played poorly, backed up inside his 10, and that could also be due to the conservative play-calling as well.

0:43 - After an Eagles punt, Drew Brees hits Colston for the second time today and the Saints lead 17-10.

0:03 - Kolb leads the Eagles down the field and David Akers tacks on a FG before the half. 17-13 Saints. Kudos to Kolb for running a great hurry-up offense today as well. He also did it late in the game before throwing an INT to Darren Sharper that he took 97-yds to the house, but the game was well over anyway.

3Q/14:53 - Ellis Hobbs fumbles the opening kickoff...Drew Brees and the Saints get another short field...

13:39 - And the FB Heath Evans takes it to the house with some nice footwork along the sidelines. Andy Reid challenges on the premise that a big man can't do that, and he's proven wrong. Big men do have nice moves, just not Reid. 24-13 Saints.

12:59 - Kolb throws his first INT of the game, to LB Shanley, who stepped in front of an out route to Jackson. And the Saints have another short field...

11:39 - RB Mike Bell takes it in and the rout is on. 31-13 Saints.

That was a 5 minute, 20 second stretch in which the Saints outscored the Eagles 21-3. You don't come back from that, even with that much time left.

For the record, Kevin Kolb did very well in his first NFL start. Yes he threw three picks (two very late, one on the last play), but he also looked great in the hurry up offense, threw for almost 400 yards and the offense moved the ball for the most part. When the offense struggled, it was because their special teams backed them up inside their own red zone. Then the Eagles (and the coaches) played very tentitavely and wound up losing the field position battle all day with New Orleans. Drew Brees knows what to do with a short football field, and the Eagles gave him plenty of chances all game.

If you want to find a culprit for this loss, look no farther than the Eagles special teams unit. You can't put too much blame on the defense (althought Jim Johnson can't be happy right now) for not holding the Saints to some FG's instead of TD's.

And to Kevin Kolb, I owe you an apology. I have never been a big fan of yours during your brief stay in Philly. Until yesterday, I didn't think that you were a capable NFL quarterback. But yesterday you have earn my respect and hopefully more fans just like me.

So rest easy Kevin. The city of Philadelphia can not call for your head today on the message boards, or on radio stations. But that doesn't mean they won't try.
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