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Posted on: February 5, 2010 10:06 am
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SAC Kings Need to Trade Kevin Martin

Okay, so the title say it all there. And coming from a guy who doesn't know all that much about the NBA, some people probably think that it's a crazy statement. I don't hate Kevin Martin, but I feel sometimes he tries to do to much to win a game. He takes way too many shots at times and while he puts up good numbers, well, he doesn't win all that many games. Don't believe me? Here are the stats.

Here is Martin's averages in the 16 games he has played this year: 21.4 pts, 4.5 asts, 2.9 rebs in 37.1 mins. Again, there's nothing wrong with Martin's stats. Yes, he's only shooting 39 percent for the year, both from the floor and from 3-pt range, not the best numbers for a shooter. But the real problem with Martin's stats, his 2-14 record when in the Kings lineup. That means the Kings are 14-18 WITHOUT Martin in the lineup.

Kings rookie Tyreke Evans has not seen a drop in production with or without Martin. His averages of 20.7 pts, 4.7 rebs and 5.0 asts in 36.9 mins. He has played in 43 games. In the 5 games Evans has missed the Kings are 1-4.

The one Kings player who I've noticed a drop in production is my boy, fellow Bronc Jason Thompson. With Martin in the lineup, Thompson has scored in single digits in 9 of 15 games when they are both in the line up. Without Martin, Thompson had 6 games in single digits in 32 games Martin had missed. Thompson also has taken few shots with Martin in the lineup, usually seeing 10 shots or more when he is absent. Yes, Thompson could be struggling individually and/or going through some kind of sophomore slump. Yes, I could be a homer, but still, this is a staggering group of stats.

Just a side note on Thompson: He missed his first NBA game on Wednesday due to a death in the family. He will also miss tonights game as well. I know everyone in the Sacramento and Rider communities wish Jason the very best for him and his family in this difficult time and hope to see him and his brother Ryan back on thier respective courts soon.

So, what does this mean for Kevin Martin? I don't know. This is where my lack of NBA knowledge has me in a spot of trouble. Thanks to ESPN's NBA Trade Machine I was able to come up with the following trades the Kings could make:

Kevin Martin and Kenny Thomas to Boston for Ray Allen
Kevin Martin and Andres Nocioni to Utah for Andrei Kirilenko (plus-3 Wins to Kings)

But I don't know enough about the NBA. These trades probably wouldn't happen in a million years. This is where I need your help. If you agree with me, leave a comment and your own trade down below. If you think I'm crazy and Kevin Martin is the next best thing to sliced bread, that's fine too. Leave me a trade that makes the Kings better with Martin. I think the Kings have a nice young core to be a competitive team very soon. Getting 3 months of Ray Allen probably makes no sense except tp free up cap room, something else I know nothing about. So please leave your comments and help out the Kings.

And yes, I lied to you. I wanted to post this yesterday but couldn't get around to posting. I will write and my Super Bowl Preview entry tomorrow inbetween shoveling out my driveway with this impending blizzard the East Coast is supposed to get.
Posted on: May 9, 2009 7:35 pm
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Kings Shouldn't Hire Pitino

I'd like to start off with the disclaimer that I am by no means an NBA coaching expert. If you want to talk college, count me in. I've always preferred the college game to the pros, for reasons that I won't get into now. But I do have enough common sense to know a trend in college coaching.

College coaches generally don't do that well at the professional level.

Pete Carroll for the Patriots. Steve Spurrier for the Redskins. Bobby F. Petrino for the Falcons. But Eagle, that's football (and the Redskins are owned by Dan Snyder), what does that have to do with anything. Well, how about this list:

John Calipari for the Nets. Rick Pitino for the Celtics. Reggie Theus for the Kings.

I'm know that every single one of these coaches are very good at what they do. They've all worked hard to get a reputation worthy of a top college coach and a pro hire. But sometimes, you have to stick with what your best at, and that might mean staying in the college or pros.

The Sacramento Kings hired Reggie Theus out of New Mexico State after he quickly turned around that program. Personally, and looking back on it, Theus probably wasn't a great hire at the time. He's not a bad coach, but the Kings probably took to much of his playing career with the team into account when they hired him. I hope that Theus gets a job somewhere, either as an assistant or head coach in college because he deserves it. It just didn't work out for him at the pro level, and he's not the only one.

Pitino had a terrible time with the Boston Celtics, went to Louisville and now has two Final Four appearances. John Calipari only went to one postseason in the NBA, but has been to the NCAA tournament 11 times with UMass and Memphis, including a Final Four with each school. Both of these coaches put their NBA experiences behind them to once again become great college coaches.

The Kings are involved in two of the above mentioned coaches. They hired Theus and may (or may not) be interested in hiring Pitino. This story is going back and forth more often that Brett Favre's retirement discussion. Sadly, there isn't 24-hour coverage from Louisville on this story, but still.

Based on these trends, I don't think that the Kings should attempt to hire anyone from the college ranks. They should be looking for an established coach or an up and coming assistant from the NBA ranks. If they want to stay in house and make a lot of fans happy, how about giving a shot to Shareef Abdur-Rahim, one of the NBA's all-time greats and current assistant with the Kings.

I'm sure whoever the Kings hire, people will praise or mock the selection. Personally, as long as it's not another college coach, I don't really care. I've seen enough college coaches flop at the pro level to know that you probably shouldn't hire them.

Especially one who's already failed at the pro level.

- Eagle
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Posted on: February 4, 2009 12:25 pm

The "Surly" Eagle Returns

It has been too long since my last blog entry. I never actually did anything for the Super Bowl except correctly pick the Steelers to win AND the Cardinals to cover in a thourghly entertaining game, especially in the fourth quarter. But while I wasn't blogging, I had a list of things that generally ticked me off throughout the past few weeks. So in no particular order...

Sacramento Kings

Firsrt, no King was selected to play in the All-Star game, which isn't all that surprising for one of the NBA's worst teams. What is surprising is that no Kings will be at All-Star Weekend. Yeah, the whole thing. My new NBA team got the shaft here, more specifically, my boy, rookie PF Jason Thompson and sophomore C Spencer Hawes who both had legitimate chances to make their respective rookie-sophomore teams. For the record, the rookies are loaded and Hawes has missed time with injuries, but still, how about a little reward for two guys who have busted it all season on a crummy team

Second, the Kings lost to the Pheonix Suns by 48 earlier this week. It was the 4th worse loss in franchise history and it came after a home OT win against the Thunder. Yes the Kings have been hurting and they aren't exactly deep, but pros shouldn't lose by 48. Ever.

Super Bowl

I'm just going to list them, there's too many...

James Harrison went from an MVP to an idiot when he was flagged for unnesacary roughness during a kick. How did he not get tossed? I hate to say it, but this was the second Super Bowl in which the Steelers got a lot of questionable/tit-for-tat fouls (the other was against Seattle, and Seahawk fans are still bitter about this). For the record, the penalties went both ways but the zebras seemed quick to throw the laundry. James Harrison did score on that interception (he never hit the ground, just Fitzgerald) and the refs should have reviewed that last Warner fumble. Even if it stood, it needed to be reviewed at the very least. Larry Fitzgerald showed up a little late, but was spectacular as usual in this postseason. Pittsburgh is awful in the redzone and should have won this game by the 3rd quarter. I hate Gatorade's "G" campaign because I had no idea what the product was until I actually bought a Gatorade and figured it out.

There's probably more, but let's move on...


Overall, a solid day for the Super Bowl network. But I have one question...


Sure, he used to be a TV guy, I get that. But the people of Detroit have suffered enough. I hope the ratings in Michigan were around 0.1 when Millen was on the air.

Philadelphia Eagles

Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb are coming back. And I'm not surly about this, I'm glad and so should everyone else in Philly. I understand that the diehards were calling for blood earlier, but two things to disprove that idea. One, Kevin Kolb is not ready. He might never be ready, I don't know. What I do know is that there are at least 10 teams that would sign Reid and/or McNabb to coach/quarterback their team in the NFL. And that's right now. Reid has one of the best records of the decade for an NFL coach, yet everyone sees the 1-4 in NFC Championships...

UConn Huskies Basketball

Both the UConn men's and women's teams are ranked No. 1 in the country. The women are undefeated and have beaten just about everyone, including then No. 2 North Carolina by 30, at UNC. The men are the newest No. 1 in a revolving door at the top spot on the men's side and just knocked off a solid Louisville team. I'm starting to cheer up a little here...

Okay, so maybe it wasn't an entirely bad couple of weeks. My budding NBA fandom is still stalling a bit, I watched a fantastic Super Bowl after thinking it would be a blowout at halftime/3rd quarter and I'm ready for a fantastic run of college basketball to March Madness. And I found time to post a blog for the first time in two weeks.

- Eagle

Posted on: January 6, 2009 4:56 pm

What I Missed During Wild Card Weekend

Because of a variety of reasons, I had a rather disappointing Wild Card weekend when it came to sports. That is until my Eagles dominated the Vikings in Minnesota to setup Eagles-Giants III this weekend. I'm sure I'll be spending the Sunday surrounded by friends, mostly Giants fans, and stuffing my face full of chips, dip, wings and other game-day goodies. But, right now I'm lamenting on a weekend that could have been. Here's the rundown...

Why I missed it: Because ESPN International didn't carry it when I was in Mexico. Maybe they did, but I'm sure it was in Spanish and probably focused more on soccer than the upcoming NFL Wild Card games. Was it the end of the world? Not when you have a laptop and a free WiFi connection to browse CBSSports.com and ESPN.com. Even kept up with my blog too.

CFB-International Bowl - Saturday 1/3, 12 PM, Buffalo vs. UConn
Why I missed it: Because I spent Saturday afternoon coming back from Mexico on a plane to Bradley Int. Airport (Hartford, CT). However, when the captain announced the final score, there were two audible "YES"s and a maybe a Tiger Woods fist up as well.
What I missed: The UConn Huskies turning the ball over 5 times and not attempting a pass in the first half. They rebounded with Donald Brown having another career day and breaking the 2,000 yard mark for the 15th time in NCAA FBS/Div. I-A history. Brown also announced he will enter the NFL Draft next year and skip his senior season at Connecticut.

MBB-Rutgers vs. UConn - Storrs, CT, 1/3 7 PM
Why I missed it: My cousin and I had a plane to get off our plane, head to his house, they hightail it up to Storrs to watch the game. Turns out, getting through customs, security and trying to find my sister's suitcase took too long so we bailed on heading to the game.
What I missed: Just UConn laying down the law to a Rutgers team that faced No. 1 UNC, No. 2 UConn and No. 3 Pitt in successive games. Still can't believe Rider lost to them at home. Speaking of my future alma mater...

MBB-Marist vs. Rider - Lawrenceville, NJ, 1/4 3PM
Why I missed it: The Eagles game at 4:30 and it's a 2 1/2 hour drive from my house in Trumbull, CT.
What I missed: The Rider Broncs retired the No. 1 of Jason Thompson, the 12th pick to the Sacramento Kings. Thompson became the second basketball player to have his name retired, joining Darrick Suber's No. 4 in the rafters. Also, Rider won the game 76-65 over the Red Foxes to improve to 3-0 in Metro Atlantic (MAAC) conference play.

NBA-Sacramento Kings vs. NJ Nets - 1/5 8PM
Why I missed it: Because I am a moron and completely forgot that the Nets are on the YES Network.
What I missed: Kings G Kevin Martin going nuts off the bench for a second straight game and the Kings blowing yet another 1st half lead. I'm actually glad I didn't watch this, because I probably would have been frustrated watching this game. I've already started the Mikki Moore watch for when he gets benched again. He lost his starting power forward spot to Spencer Hawes, who's out with an injury. And with my boy, Jason Thompson producing off the bench rather consistently, 9.3 pts / 6.7rebs / 1.0 ast in 24.3 mins/g, I can't see how's Moore is still getting starts. Moore is basically there to grab boards, and Kenny Thomas had 8 rebounds in 24 minutes after not playing since Christmas and Moore had 3 in 13 minutes. If your going to give Thompson more minutes, why not just start him. He can play both forward spots and center and he's a huge upgrade offensively. Whatever.

The life of a sports fan seems to always be incomplete. Whether your team is losing, underachieving or just can't seem to get over the hump to that next level, there always seems to be something missing. There is always more lows in sports than highs, because there can only be one true champion (unless it's the BCS). But I can live with missing out on everything written above, as long as there is that one high. Like calling my college roommate and resident Vikings fan last Sunday.

- Eagle
Posted on: December 15, 2008 9:01 pm

Thoughts on the Theus Firing and the NBA

According to the Kings record, which stands at 6-18 (good for last in the Pacific Division), about a quarter of the way through the NBA season, firing Reggie Theus is completely justified. The Sacramento Kings have been blown out countless times and in general haven't been all that competitive. Right after shocking the Lakers, they come out flat to the Knicks at ARCO Arena and aside from a surge in the 2nd half, were basically down 20 the whole game it seemed.

Personally, I like Theus. He overachieved last season with the Kings and I think that caused higher expectations for this year's Kings. My only knock on Theus is his bench management. From week-to-week, the young guys might get 25 minutes or 10. People say he tends to trust veteran players (like Mikki Moore), but all I ask for is consistency. But let's face it, the '08-'09 Kings have been decimated my injuries. Kevin Martin has played in only 9 games so far this year, and his 20.8 PPG this season would be a welcome addition if he can stay healthy. Kings swingman/6th man Francisco Garcia has also missed significant time, playing in only 7 games this season. Starting C Brad Miller also missed the first 5 games of the season due to a league suspension.

I'd also add Mikki Moore to the list of negatives for the Kings this season. Again, I like Moore as well, but he was rightfully benched and Hawes promoted to his PF spot in the lineup. I do like Moore off the bench for defensive reasons and his rebounding ability (ditto for Shelden Williams), but Moore seems to have struggled in these areas this season. And with the greater offensive potential with Hawes and Thompson off the bench, Moore has seen his minutes declined.

However, all of these injuries have given playing time to other Kings who are stepping up so far this season. SF John Salmons has proven to be a solid scorer so far this year, averaging 19.4 PPG. 2nd-year big man Spencer Hawes, who stepped in for Miller at the start of the season, has played well and seems to be ready to be the starter at the 5-spot if the Kings decide to trade Brad Miller (which seems likely with the season starting out so poorly). Jason Thompson (if this was a PTI segment, I'd call him "my boy") selection in the draft lottery seems to be justified now with the rookie playing solid off the bench and getting a few starts with the injuries as well. Many people love the fact that the Hawes/Thompson front court is high energy, and these two could be anchoring that front court for years to come.

That's the one saving grace about this current Kings team, they seemed to be stacked with young talent. A starting lineup of Beno Udrih, Kevin Martin, John Salmons, Thompson and Hawes seems likely by the end of the year. Donte Green has shown flashes off the bench. I love Quincy Douby out of Rutgers as well.

Overall, it's been a depressing first few months as a Kings/NBA fan. For those who don't know, I have previous blog entries explaining all of this (my first post, one on Ray Allen and one on the Kings drafting JT), this whole NBA thing is a little new to me still. And this season, I've learned is that 6 NBA head coaches have been fired before Christmas, the Celtics are still really, really, good, a Lakers-Celtics II should probably be expected and that NBA announcer suck at their jobs.

I want to set the record straight, Jason Thompson went to Rider, spelled with a "I", University. Not Rider College. Ryder is a moving company. Not a place of higher learning.

There is only one reason why I am an NBA fan now, and it's because I go to Rider University and saw Thompson play three years of NCAA basketball there.

I expect professional sports announcers from Philly and New York to know this.

Posted on: July 28, 2008 10:29 pm

It's Been A While

Time for a blog post. I guess I'll use my favorite new format and go back for some more of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

The Good -
Philadelphia Wins Championship - Okay, it's the Soul claiming the ArenaBowl 22, but that was a heck of a finish to that game.
JJ Claims Brickyard - And my guy Jeff Gordon drove to a 5th place finish. Chase for the Cup is coming up soon too.
Jason Thompson - Hit two gaming winning shots in the Vegas Summer League for Sacramento. Did I mention I saw him play as a Rider Bronc?

The Bad -
The Braves DL - It just won't stop growing. Chipper Jones and Tim Hudson were added over the weekend.
My Glogging Return - An ugly 12-3 loss to St. Louis. Can't win 'em all though.
Trade Deadline Talk - Enough speculation about who is leave, your all driving me insane. Tell me when the trades happen and how they're good for each team.

The Ugly
The Brickyard 400- Whatever happened is in the past. Let's just make sure that never happens again.
The Brett Favre Saga - See Trade Talk Above. It's just tiring, tell me when something important happens, like Brett Favre starting for the Packers.
Minor League Brawl - That pitcher throwing the ball into the stands was absurd. Reminds me of Jose Offerman charging the mound with a bat in Bridgeport, CT during an Atlantic League game.

I'll try to get a full post in sometime soon when I have time. Thanks for reading/feedback.

- Eagle
Posted on: June 27, 2008 11:15 am

With the 12th pick of the 2008 NBA Draft...

The Sacramento Kings select...Jason Thompson, Forward/Center, Rider University.

My Reaction - HOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLIIIIIIEEEEEE S************************!!!!!!!!!!

Text Message from my roommate Norm - JASON THOMPSON!!!

Unreal. I've watched Jason play at Rider for the last 3 years, starting my academic career at Rider when Jason was a sophomore. But it wasn't until after his junior year that the NBA started looking at Thompson. The past two seasons in college, Thompson averaged aver 20 points and ten rebounds a game. You can say that yes, he played in the Metro Atlantic (MAAC) and never got a chance to play big time opposition, but you'd only be about half-right. What really attracted scouts to Thompson was his play at a LeBron James' Skills Camp last summer. A 6-11 forward was guarding Lebron 1-on-1, and holding his own. How can a big man play defense against one of the best players in the NBA? Who is this kid? Well, Jason Thompson signed with Rider as a junior at Lenape HS in NJ. He was signed as a 6-5 SF. He grew into a 6-11 beast during his college career. And the best part, he grew up as a shooting guard. Meaning, this 6-11 PF/C can handle the ball, hit mid-range jumpers, play post and perimeter  defense and run the floor. Athletically he is a freak and I am excited to now have an NBA team to follow.

So let's run through the checklist I made earlier -

Change CBS profile - Make Kings NBA Favorite (Celtics/Ray Allen dropped to preferred) - Check
Write Blog Entry about Draft Night - In prgoress
Buy Jersey/Hat from Store (NJ is nowhere near CA) Online - Later (waiting for potential trade, although it sounds like Sacramento loves Thompson)
Look-up dates of Kings games in Philly/NJ/NY - Later (again, potential trade)

Thanks to the Ray Allen trade last NBA Draft (Seattle/Boston), I've watched more NBA games last season than I have in the rest of my life. I've always been a stickler for the college game. The passion, the energy, the defense...but maybe, just maybe, the NBA will grow on me a little bit now.

Oh yeah, almost forgot...

GO KINGS IN 2008-2009!!!

- Eagle
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