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Posted on: February 8, 2010 4:21 pm

Monday Mailbag - SB44 & The Saints

You know, I love writing these sports blog entries. Really, it's just a hobby of mine. CBS' Community Admins continually feature my entries on the CBSSports.com home page, truly a honor given how many other great users and well-written blogs are out there. Why I keep getting featured is beyond me. Perhaps my entries spark great debate like my BCS/SEC entry a few months ago. Either way, I was generally suprised when my last entry, my Super Bowl "Preview," was featured. I didn't feel like that was one of my better entries. I was more suprised at the comments that I got from everyone. So, for a second straight Monday, let's get to the mailbag.

Are you serious? America's Team? I know the Saints are getting lots of PR, but I would slow your roll annointing them as America's Team.  Even though I am a Colt fan, I don't know 1 person who is rooting for the Saints. And as far as what the city has overcome, give me a break.  What about New York??  8 years ago a couple of Jets crashed into a couple of big buildings, you might have heard about it. - Indians33Fan

I have no idea why Browns or Steelers fans would root for the Colts, being old AFC rivals and all, but generally the consensus that I got was that the majority was rooting for the Saints. Why? For the same reason why everyone rooted for the Jets in the AFC Championship Game. The Jets were underdogs, the Colts have been here before, etc. Maybe the Saints aren't "America's Team," but yesterday, I think they were.

And here's why the New Orleans Saints got more attention than New York did on 9/11. Because New Orleans almost lost it's sports teams because of Hurricane Katrina. New York City has two football teams (in New Jersey), two baseball teams, two hockey teams and the Knicks. New Orleans has the Saints and the Hornets, both were very close to moving to San Antonio and Oklahoma City respectively. New Yorkers could have turned to anyone one of a half dozen or more teams. New Orleans turned to the Saints and Hornets. There weren't any other teams to turn too. That's what makes this win special for the city, because everyone is connected to it.

spoken like the true Eagles fan... anything you can say to take a shot at those Cowboys. - oupioneer

Actually, this wasn't a shot at Dallas. If anything, they did more this year to keep their "America's Team" title. Yes, the are Philly fans who constantly take shots at Dallas. Those are Philadelphia fans. I am an Eagles fan, and Eagles fan only. Big difference. At least to me.

As a Cowboys fan, let me say this about that moniker: They can f***in have it. NFL Films gave our team that name, not us. And if the Saints win four more of these, let's see just how much you'll be loving the Saints at that point. - TheBunk

Well, maybe I was wrong about Dallas keeping their "title." I guess making the playoffs and beating the Eagles three times in one season is still not good enough for Cowboys fans. And I will still like the Saints in they win more Super Bowls, I will never love them, they aren't my favorite team. Now if they beat the Eagles in four consectutive NFC Championship games, we might have some problems, but I'll always have respect for the New Orleans Saints.

That loss could not have happened to a better team. Indy was Wayyyyyyyyyyyy over rated. No running game and all they had was Peyton. Now we know which QB is better Brady or Manning.. Brady by far now!!!. What happened to the Miracle man in the end. Throws an interception.. Nice  Love it!!! - STEVENB2662

I don't think Indt was overrated. Joseph Addai and Donald Brown (from UConn) had one of their best rushing games all season, especially Addai. And I can't fault him for the interception. It looked liked Wayne made an adjustment to the outside as Manning was throwing it and then Tracy Porter stepped in front of it. Peyton's worst throw came at the goal line to end the game in my opinion. One of the few times he forced a ball in the Super Bowl, but again, he's down two scores. I'm suprised the Colts didn't call a timeout there on 4th and Goal. That in my opinion was truly a mistake. But don't hate on Peyton, instead give props to Sean Payton and the Saints for a great gameplan and holding the Colts to 6 plays, two three-and-outs, in the second quarter.

Wow!! America's team. I always thought America's and the team of the people was the Steelers. Just who are these "people" that has replaced the Steeler Nation? - Goldpanther4

The Steelers were the anti-Cowboys decades ago when the two team were battling out for Super Bowl titles. And Pittsburgh is still home to one of the Top 5 football fan bases in the country in my opinion. I don't know about America's team, but the Steelers being "The Team of the People" has a nice ring to it. Maybe bring back the old WWE ccatchprase and call the Steelers "The People's Champion."

And now for an epic three-part comment to bring it home.

"America's Team"?  What the heck is that supposed to mean anyways?  For one game- yes New Orleans can lay claim to it.  However, given the visibility of the Cowboys- you either rabidly love them or visciously hate them, and you find that anywhere in the country.  They are akin to baseball's Yankees- you cant find anyone in middle ground on that team. - Texsux

This comment was so good, I had to include all of it. I have no idea what "America's Team" means. If it means the biggest stadium, fan base, anti-fan base, history and all of that, then yes, the Cowboys are America's Team. Personally, I think America's Team should be the Green Bay Packers. They're owned by the citizens of Green Bay! And aside from Minnesota, Chicago and Detroit, does the average football fan hate Green Bay and Lambeau Field? I think not, but hey, I'm an idiot according to most people so who cares what I think.

You seem to be rather young, so it's time to educate you on a few things.  Americans tend to root for the underdogs in these things.  Fans with no previous allegiances were rooting for the Cardinals last year, the Giants the year before, and the list goes on. - Texsux

I disagree with the word underdogs here. Americans tend to root for the better story in my opinion. This year, the Saints were the better story. Yes, usually being the underdog is the better story, but I think that most Americans wanted to see the Colts beat the Bears and Peyton get his ring. That was the better story this year.

Your bias against the rest of the NFC East is showing.  You forgot to put a jab in there against the Redskins. - Texsux

Okay, I try to be as fair and unbiased as I can. Really, I do. Naturally, as a sports fan, I fail miserably. I can see where I took a shot at the Cowboys. I don't see where I made fun of the Giants. And I stopped making fun of the Redskins a long time ago. Why?

Daniel Snyder does it for me.

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Posted on: February 7, 2010 9:35 am

New Orleans Saints are the New America's Team

Sorry Dallas. But there's a new sheriff in town. And that is the New Orleans Saints.

In all my years as a sports fan, short as that may be compared to most, I have never seen one Super Bowl team with more support nationwide than the Saints. Regardless of which team you bet on and what numbers you have in your Super Bowl pools, admit it. You want the Saints to win. You want the city of New Orleans to win.

Not even the New York Giants two years ago, attempting to stop the Patriots 19-0 season, had this much support. In that game, you either wanted history, the Pats, or you wanted to see Darth Hoodie and the Golden Boy go down in flames and rooted for the G-Men.

Aside from the city of Indianapolis and the state of Indiana, everyone is rooting for the Saints. I've never seen this before. It's surreal. Even rival fans of the Saints in Atlanta and Tampa have to at least be thinking to themselves...we can't root against these guys. Not today. Not in the Super Bowl.

The New Orleans Saints have never been to a Super Bowl before. The city has never won a major sports title in professional sports. After Hurricane Katrina, pro sports almost died in the city. Somehow, in the aftermath of the greatest disaster in New Orleans history, the Aints died. And in their place arose a team with a heart greater than any team before it. A heart that beats with people of one unique city, in a bond that can never be broken.

The Colts are favored in this game. They have Peyton Manning. The only native New Orleans residents rooting for the Colts are the Mannings themselves, perfectly understandable. But deep down, the Mannings know this is a win-win situation. Either their family or their city will have a Super Bowl victory. We know which they are rooting for the most, but still, they know better than most what this city has been through.

And yes, this is America's team now. Dallas might have a national fan base, but it has twice as many rooting against them every week. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone to root against these Saints. Drew Brees is too short. Reggie Bush can't run off tackle. The defense can't stop anyone. But that doesn't matter anymore. The Saints are here in the promise land of Super Bowl XLIV.

And win or lose, the city of New Orleans is throwing a parade for its football team. That's fitting in more ways than one. The Saints deserve it. And does the city of New Orleans really need a reason to have a good time? I think not.

But they're going to have one I think. The Saints defense will find ways to create turnovers against the invincible Peyton Manning and the Colts offense. I don't think this game will be a shootout into the forties, perhaps the thirties for the winning team. But in the end, I hope that Drew Brees and Sean Peyton hold the Lombari Trophy high.

There's a party on Bourbon Street tonight. The Saints are in the Super Bowl.
Posted on: February 4, 2009 12:25 pm

The "Surly" Eagle Returns

It has been too long since my last blog entry. I never actually did anything for the Super Bowl except correctly pick the Steelers to win AND the Cardinals to cover in a thourghly entertaining game, especially in the fourth quarter. But while I wasn't blogging, I had a list of things that generally ticked me off throughout the past few weeks. So in no particular order...

Sacramento Kings

Firsrt, no King was selected to play in the All-Star game, which isn't all that surprising for one of the NBA's worst teams. What is surprising is that no Kings will be at All-Star Weekend. Yeah, the whole thing. My new NBA team got the shaft here, more specifically, my boy, rookie PF Jason Thompson and sophomore C Spencer Hawes who both had legitimate chances to make their respective rookie-sophomore teams. For the record, the rookies are loaded and Hawes has missed time with injuries, but still, how about a little reward for two guys who have busted it all season on a crummy team

Second, the Kings lost to the Pheonix Suns by 48 earlier this week. It was the 4th worse loss in franchise history and it came after a home OT win against the Thunder. Yes the Kings have been hurting and they aren't exactly deep, but pros shouldn't lose by 48. Ever.

Super Bowl

I'm just going to list them, there's too many...

James Harrison went from an MVP to an idiot when he was flagged for unnesacary roughness during a kick. How did he not get tossed? I hate to say it, but this was the second Super Bowl in which the Steelers got a lot of questionable/tit-for-tat fouls (the other was against Seattle, and Seahawk fans are still bitter about this). For the record, the penalties went both ways but the zebras seemed quick to throw the laundry. James Harrison did score on that interception (he never hit the ground, just Fitzgerald) and the refs should have reviewed that last Warner fumble. Even if it stood, it needed to be reviewed at the very least. Larry Fitzgerald showed up a little late, but was spectacular as usual in this postseason. Pittsburgh is awful in the redzone and should have won this game by the 3rd quarter. I hate Gatorade's "G" campaign because I had no idea what the product was until I actually bought a Gatorade and figured it out.

There's probably more, but let's move on...


Overall, a solid day for the Super Bowl network. But I have one question...


Sure, he used to be a TV guy, I get that. But the people of Detroit have suffered enough. I hope the ratings in Michigan were around 0.1 when Millen was on the air.

Philadelphia Eagles

Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb are coming back. And I'm not surly about this, I'm glad and so should everyone else in Philly. I understand that the diehards were calling for blood earlier, but two things to disprove that idea. One, Kevin Kolb is not ready. He might never be ready, I don't know. What I do know is that there are at least 10 teams that would sign Reid and/or McNabb to coach/quarterback their team in the NFL. And that's right now. Reid has one of the best records of the decade for an NFL coach, yet everyone sees the 1-4 in NFC Championships...

UConn Huskies Basketball

Both the UConn men's and women's teams are ranked No. 1 in the country. The women are undefeated and have beaten just about everyone, including then No. 2 North Carolina by 30, at UNC. The men are the newest No. 1 in a revolving door at the top spot on the men's side and just knocked off a solid Louisville team. I'm starting to cheer up a little here...

Okay, so maybe it wasn't an entirely bad couple of weeks. My budding NBA fandom is still stalling a bit, I watched a fantastic Super Bowl after thinking it would be a blowout at halftime/3rd quarter and I'm ready for a fantastic run of college basketball to March Madness. And I found time to post a blog for the first time in two weeks.

- Eagle

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