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The Roommate War - Week 3 NFL Picks

After taking the first two weeks of this little contest, my roommate Norm has been looking for a way to get back into the game. We're changing the site we used to get our lines from and going with one of my friends pick'em leagues spreads, that all have half points to eliminate ties. And apparently every home team is favored this week. Whether it will work, I don't know. Will it lessen Norm's whining from the Ed Hochuli fallout, doubtful. Here are the picks.

Norm - 12-17
Jake - 18-11
* - I eliminated the two games that were pushed in Weeks 1 & 2

Sunday 9/21

Arizona (2-0) at Washington (1-1) [WSH by 3.5]
Norm - ARZ - You're giving me points with Arizona? Really? Ok, I'll take em.
Jake - ARZ - I agree. Washington hasn't been impressive, thought that 4th quarter against the Saints was their best football of the year.

Carolina (2-0) at Minnesota (0-2) [MIN by 3.5]
Norm - MIN - Carolina hasn't impressed me much this year. AP will have a big game, that's right he's playing!Jake - CAR - You are such a homer, Norm. Gus Frerotte's season debut won't be very good.

Cincinnati (0-2) at NY Giants (2-0) [NYG by 13.5]
Norm -  NYG - The G-Men improve to 3-0 with one of the easiest schedules in my recent memory.
Jake - NYG - The Bungles have returned once again. It has been too long.

Houston (0-1) at Tennessee (2-0) [TEN by 5.5]
Norm - TEN - Kerry Collins. Enough said.
Jake - TEN - Collins is better than Vince Young. Houston is playing for the first time since Hurricane Ike displaced their game with the Ravens.

Kansas City (0-2) at Atlanta (1-1) [ATL 4.5]
Norm - ATL - Micheal Turner could have another field day with the Chiefs defense.
Jake - ATL - Both teams aren't that good, but KC is much worse and on the road.

Miami (0-2) at New England (2-0) [NE by 13.5]
Norm - MIA - Miami should cover this. Pennington does enough to keep it close.
Jake - MIA - Does Vegas know Tom Brady isn't playing? Matt Cassel isn't going to put up huge numbers, just manage the game and not turn the ball over.

Oakland (1-1) at Buffalo (2-0) [BUF by 9.5]
Norm - BUF - The Bills all over the Raiders in my "Survivor League Pick of the Week."
Jake - BUF - Sigh. Buffalo is one of the surprises at 2-0 and they should be 3-0 after this to keep pace with the Patriots in the AFC East.

Tampa Bay (1-1) at Chicago (1-1) [CHI 3.5]
Norm - TB - I am still not a big Chicago fan. But this game should be a defensive struggle.
Jake - CHI - How did Jeff Garcia get benched? I'll take the Bears in a close one.

Detroit (0-2) at San Francisco (1-1) [SF by 4.5]
Norm - DET - Ugh, terrible game to pick. I'll say San Fran starts to crumble.
Jake - SF - I agree this game does suck, but San Fran has played pretty well. Game should be a pick em.

New Orleans (1-1) at Denver (2-0) [DEN by 5.5]
Norm - NO - The Saints outright. Ed Hochuli won't be there to save the Broncos.
Jake - DEN - Lies sir. New Orleans will have their hands full on both sides of the ball.

St. Louis (0-2) at Seattle (0-2) [SEA by 10.5]
Norm - SEA - The Seahawks should run away with this one.
Jake - STL - I'm taking the Rams, more to cover though. Both teams can't more the ball offensively so I expect a low scoring game.

Cleveland (0-2) at Baltimore (1-0) [BAL by 2.5]
Norm - BAL - Cleveland has just looked awful.
Jake - BAL - Joe Flacco's first start was solid, and a long week could be good for him.

Jacksonville (0-2) at Indianapolis (1-1) [IND by 5.5]
Norm - JAX - The Jaguars have to break out of this funk sometime.
Jake - IND - Not against Indy, and especially not Indy at home.

Pittsburgh (2-0) at Philadelphia (1-1) [PHI by 0.5]
Norm - PIT - Philly is overrated.
Jake - PHI - Lies sir. Your just picking against my team out of spite.

Dallas (2-0) at Green Bay (2-0) [GB by 0.5]
Norm - DAL - Dallas in a runaway. They're the class of the NFC.
Jake - GB - That might be, but Aaron Rodgers has been impressive.

Monday 9/22

NY Jets (1-1) at San Diego (0-2) [SD by 9.5]
Norm - SD - Jets haven't look all that much better with Favre. Ed Hochuli hosed the Chargers last week.
Jake - NYJ - ENOUGH WITH HOCHULI!!! I'm taking the points here really.

Sorry for the late post, it didn't go through earlier.
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The Roommate War - Week 2 Recap

With just the Monday Night game (in progress) left to go for Week 2, the only thing that is clear is that neither myself or my roommate are any good at this stuff. Although I think we're doing better than the CBS SPiN dog...anyway, on to the Week 2 Recap.

Sunday 9/14

Green Bay (2-0) 48
at Detroit (0-2) 25 [GB by 5.5]
Norm - GB - The class of the NFC North.
Jake - GB - Aaron Rodgers was impressive in the first half, but the Packers can't give up a lead like that.

Oakland (1-1) 23 at Kansas City (0-2) 8 [KC by 3.5]
Norm - KC - My prediction on Darren McFadden came one week too late.
Jake - OAK - Kansas City looked awful in every way. Herm Edwards has a lot of work to do here.

NY Giants (2-0) 41 at St. Louis (0-2) 13 [NYG by 8.5]
Norm - NYG - The did what good teams have to do, which is beat bad teams.
Jake - NYG - The Eagles beat the Rams by more. Unimpressive first half by the Giants however.

Indianapolis (1-1) 18 at Minnesota (0-2) 15
[IND by 3]
Norm - MIN - Brad Childress is an awful Red Zone play caller.
Jake - IND - The first blemish of my picks is a tie. Whatever.

Tennessee (2-0) 24
at Cincinnati (0-2) 7 [TEN by 2]
Norm - TEN - Who knew the Titans would be leading the AFC South after two weeks.
Jake - TEN - Kerry Collins is better than Vince Young. There, I said it, and it's not the first time.

New Orleans (1-1) 24 at Washington (1-1) 29 [NO by 3]
Norm - NO - At least Clinton Portis stepped up for my fantasy team.
Jake - NO - That was a bad loss for the Saints. That's a game that could come back to haunt them come December.

Chicago (1-1) 17 at Carolina (2-0) 20 [CHI by 1.5]
Norm - CHI - There defense is still impressive but they need their offense to improve. We'll put them on "Death Spiral" watch.
Jake - CAR - I might have to change my mind about the Bears, but a good win for Jake Delhomme and Carolina.

Buffalo (2-0) 20
at Jacksonville (0-2) 16 [EVEN]
Norm - JAX - I have no idea what is wrong with this team. I'm calling my brother again to remind him his team sucks.
Jake - BUF - Hey, I'm 6-1-1 so far? When did this happen? Buffalo for AFC darkhorse.

San Francisco (1-1) 33 at Seattle (0-2) 30 [SEA by 2.5]
Norm - SEA - I'll give some props to the 49ers, they stepped up.
Jake - SEA - Ugh, my first loss of the day is San Fran? I don't know if it's Hasselback's injury or what but Seattle is just not preforming.

Atlanta (1-1) 9 at Tampa Bay (1-1) 24 [TB by 4.5]
Norm - TB - Let's go RAYS!!! Oh, wait, wrong sport.
Jake - TB - Jeff Garcia is getting the shaft from Jon Gruden.

New England (2-0) 19 at NY Jets (1-1) 10 [EVEN]
Norm - NE - I told you so. Matt Cassel is the new Tom Brady.
Jake - NYJ - I have two losses, only one head-to head and I'm whipping you this week.

Miami (0-2) 10 at Arizona (2-0) 31 [ARZ 4.5]
Norm - ARZ - Maybe I should just do Survivor Pools.
Jake - ARZ - Could this finally be the year the "experts" finally get the Cardinals right? Maybe, but it's more on the rest of the NFC Weak, I mean West, just being bad.

Baltimore at Houston - PPD
Norm - BAL - Prop Bet alert! Baltimore by 7 in Week 10.
Jake - HOU - Here's to a speedy recovery to the Gulf region.

San Diego (0-2) 38 at Denver (2-0) 39 [EVEN]
Norm - SD - This is garbage. I demand a win here.
Jake - DEN - Not happening. Your pick could have stopped a 2-point conversion. They didn't. And you wouldn't last 1 minute in a boxing ring against Ed Hochuli.
Norm - I could last a round...maybe.

Pittsburgh (2-0) 10 at Cleveland (0-2) 6 [PIT by 6]
Norm - PIT - The Steelers won and did their job against a divisional opponent.
Jake - PIT - This game was played in horrible conditions, but props to Cleveland for a good bounce back game.

Monday 9/15

Philadelphia (1-1) 37 at Dallas (2-0) 41
Norm - DAL - How much did you pay the refs this week Jake?
Jake - PHI - I'm not sure if I'm impressed with both offenses, or disappointed in both defenses. Probably both. NFC Championship game anyone? And would you like some cries with that wah-mburger, Norm?
Adam (friend) - Would you like some cheese with that whine sir?
Norm - Yes, I would thanks.

 BOLD - Wins, Italics - Push/Draw, *-PPD

Norm - Week 2, 6-8-1; Overall, 12-17-2
Jake - Week 2, 10-4-1; Overall, 18-11-2

Norm - Aaron Rogers, QB, GB; Patrick Willis, LB, SF; Darren Sproles, RB, SD; Ed Hochuli, Ref, DEN
Jake - Brandon Marshall, WR, DEN; Justin Tuck, DL, NYG; Jason Campbell, QB, WSH; Matt Cassel, QB, NE

Norm - I'm just going to say the referees are having a terrible week. The Broncos-Chargers game was bad, but the Eagles-Cowboys game, currently at the half, is just as bad.
Jake - DeSean Jackson has pulled the ultimate bonehead play of the season so far. Far worse than any official. Jackson caught a bomb from McNabb and preceded to "lose possession of the ball" prior to entering the endzone. Basically, he celebrated too early and it nearly cost the Eagles. You could call it a rookie mistake, but great football players would never pull off that stunt.

Jake - Norm can protest all he wants, he's not very good at this. I clinched the week before the Sunday Night game. Another few weeks of this and the rout will be on.
Norm - "I blew it," - Ed Hochuli. Referees, NFL and NCAA, normally good. The past few weeks, not so much.
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The Roommate War - Week 2 NFL Picks

And we're back! The two knucklehead roommates have returned to butcher another round of NFL picks. Here's the basics: My college roommate, Norm, and I will pick games against the spread every week for the entire season. We're using today's (Wednesday's) spread from our trusted website that is being withheld because neither of us advocate gambling. You can check out last week's picks and recaps from the two of us by checking out my previous blog entries. And now, on to Week 2!

STANDINGS (as of Week 1)
Norm - Week 1, 6-9-1; Overall, 6-9-1
Jake - Week 1, 8-7-1; Overall, 8-7-1

Sunday 9/14

Green Bay (1-0) at Detroit (0-1) [GB by 5.5]
Norm - GB - Green Bay looked very good to start off the Aaron Rodgers era. Expect the Packers to win by at least a TD.
Jake - GB - Aaron Rodgers looked solid against your Vikings, last week. Detroit stumbled in Atlanta and they'll do it again here.

Oakland (0-1) at Kansas City (0-1) [KC by 3.5]
Norm - KC - Oakland's speed only helps them in Madden.
Jake - OAK - Forget Madden. I think the Chiefs losing Croyle is big here, especially if Herm Edwards is thinking about a 2-QB system.

NY Giants (1-0) at St. Louis (0-1) [NYG by 8.5]
Norm - NYG - I was expecting double digits for this game. The Rams were just awful against the Eagles.
Jake - NYG - Double digits wouldn't have surprised me either, but the Giants didn't have a great second half against the 'Skins.

Indianapolis (0-1) at Minnesota (0-1) [IND by 3]
Norm - MIN - Indy looked bad against the Bears and the Colts have to many guys banged up.
Jake - IND - Just three? I'm shocked. The Colts had one bad game. They'll bounce back with a win against the Vikings.

Tennessee (1-0) at Cincinnati (0-1) [TEN by 2]
Norm - TEN - Let the Kerry Collins era begin, again.
Jake - TEN - The Bungles, yes, I'm bringing that back after over 5 years in retirement, can't get out of their own way. Carson Palmer looked awful and it appears this team has finally gone over the deep end.

New Orleans (1-0) at Washington (0-1) [NO by 3]
Norm - NO - Solid effort against the Bucs to start the season.
Jake - NO - I agree. The 'Skins have a lot of things to work on and the Saints offense appears to be clicking once again. Losing Colston could hurt them against better opponents, however.

Chicago (1-0) at Carolina (1-0) [CHI by 1.5]
Norm - CHI - Looked really good against the Colts last week.
Jake - CAR - I love home dogs, and I'm not sold on the Bears just yet. If Chicago pulls this one out, I'll be impressed.

Buffalo (1-0) at Jacksonville (0-1) [EVEN]
Norm - JAX - The Jags will bounce back after a tough a tough road loss to the Titans.
Jake - BUF - Lies sir. Buffalo dismantled Seattle last week and put themselves right into the now wide open AFC East race.

San Francisco (0-1) at Seattle (0-1) [SEA by 2.5]
Norm - SEA - This could be a laugher for the Seahawks by halftime.
Jake - SEA - Both teams didn't play well in Week 1, but Seattle is the better team and they're at home.

Atlanta (1-0) at Tampa Bay (0-1) [TB by 4.5]
Norm - TB - Mike Turner will face stiffer test when he goes up against the Bucs D.
Jake - TB - I love what the Falcons did against the Lions, but they won't win this divisional road game.

New England (1-0) at NY Jets (1-0) [EVEN]
Norm - NE - Matt Cassel performed adequately against the Chiefs and he'll do just enough to beat the Jets.
Jake - NYJ - The Brady-less Patriots get picked apart by Broadway Brett and the Jets D comes up big as well.

Miami (0-1) at Arizona (1-0) [ARZ by 4.5]
Norm - ARZ - Miami can't stop Edge James. And it's my "Survivor League Pick of the Week."
Jake - ARZ - I just can't see Miami winning on the road. Wouldn't be surprised to see them cover though.

Baltimore (1-0) at Houston (0-1) [BAL by 1]
Norm - BAL - The Joe Flacco era has begun! Didn't you see him on the TD run last week?
Jake - HOU - Joe Flacco favored on the road? Absolutely not. Houston will prove they are better than what they showed in Pittsburgh last week.

San Diego (0-1) at Denver (1-0) [EVEN]
Norm - SD - They'll play much better than they looked last week.
Jake - DEN - Losing Merriman changes the Chargers defense. Jay Cutler looked impressive against an over-matched Raiders defense.

Pittsburgh (1-0) at Cleveland (0-1) [PIT by 6]
Norm - PIT - Proved to be the class of the AFC last week.
Jake - PIT - The Browns won't bounce back from their loss to the Cowboys as Big Ben and the Steelers roll in this one.

Monday 9/15

Philadelphia (1-0) at Dallas (1-0)
Norm - DAL - Dallas should win this game by at least a touchdown. Let's just hope Jessica Simpson isn't in the audience...
Jake - PHI - Could you have a better MNF game? I think not. The Eagles prove they're the class of the NFC East, and possible the entire NFC in this game.


Norm - Finally winning a week of picks. The continued dominance of my fantasy teams. No more Gumbel on the NFL Network.
Jake - More impressive rookies performances. Strahan on FOX. Eagles-Cowboys, MNF.

Norm - The Vikings defense really needs to cause turnovers. Some one tell Darren Sharper to fall on that ball!
Jake - The Eagles took care of business against the Rams, but Monday' nights game should have division and home-field implications for the playoffs.

Norm - Do not listen to either of us. We are not "experts," especially Jake. He is an idiot.
Jake - I can't deny that. But check out the standings there, buddy. Who's in first?
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The Roommate War - Week 1 Recap

It was a rough start to the inaugural week of The Roommate War. However, like several NFL teams, Norm and I are still shaking some rust off and now have one week of games for scouting reports as we look ahead to next week. Norm is still alive in his Survivor League thanks to my Eagles dismantling the Rams 38-3, but who took bragging rights away from the opening NFL weekend? Read below to get our takes on Week 1.

Thursday - 9/4

Washington 7 at 16 NY Giants (Spread - N/A*)
Norm - WSH - Jim Zorn is not Smarter than a 5th grader.
Jake - NYG - Jason Campbell and the Redskins' O looked terrible. Jim Zorn could be on the hot seat soon.
*-game was picked without spread prior to start of game Thursday night

Sunday 9/7

Detroit 21 at Atlanta 34 (DET by 4)
Norm - DET - The Lions were absolutely awful, which is nothing new.
Jake - DET - Typical Detroit Lions. Matt Ryan's first NFL pass goes for a 62-yard TD.

Seattle 10 at Buffalo 34 (SEA by 0.5)
Norm - SEA - What's Shaun Alexander's number again?
Jake - SEA - Yikes, that was bad. Will the NFC West have anyone over .500 at the end of the year?

NY Jets 20 at Miami 14 (NYJ by 4.5)
Norm - NYJ - Could push for a playoff spot in the now open AFC East with Buffalo.
Jake - NYJ - Brett Favre won't get away with fluky scrambling 4th down TD passes against better teams.

Kansas City 10 at New England 17 (NE by 13.5)
Norm - KC - I told you so. Matt Cassel did get the job done, but didn't Daunte Culpepper and Randy Moss play in Minnesota a few years ago?
Jake - NE - Yeah, like you knew Tom Brady's season would end. Rough start for the Pats.

Tampa Bay 20 at New Orleans 24 (NO by 4)
Norm - NO - Line shoulda been 3.5. There's no pushes in War.
Jake - TB - Jeff Garcia's injury could be a big blow to the Bucs. Reggie Bush looks like he ended his sophomore slump.

St. Louis 3 at Philadelphia 38 (PHI by 7)
Norm - PHI - If you'd listened to me, you would be alive your Survivor Pools.
Jake - PHI - Wow. St. Louis had no pass defense against the Eagles as McNabb connected with DeSean Jackson, Hank Baskett and Greg Lewis, who all had over 100 receiving yards.

Houston 17 at Pittsburgh 38 (PIT by 7)
Norm - PIT - Possibly the new favorite to win the AFC.
Jake - PIT - Houston's D, normally good, not yesterday. They might be a year away, unlike the Steelers. I'm with Norm, Big Ben looks prime for another Super Bowl run.

Jacksonville 10 at Tennessee 17 (JAX by 3.5)
Norm - JAX - Hang on, I have to go call my little brother and remind him his team sucks.
Jake - JAX - Vince Young's injury won't be as big a deal as people think. Collins is a good backup and got the job done for a nice win.

Cincinnati 10 at Baltimore 17 (CIN by 2.5)
Norm - BAL - Once again, this proves I am the man. Joe Flacco didn't cost his team the win and the Ravens have a lot of solid, young RBs.
Jake - CIN - We haven't gotten to the late games yet, sir. Carson Palmer was off in this one.

Carolina 26 at San Diego 24 (SD by 7)
Norm - SD - Carolina should be a force to be reckoned with in the NFC.
Jake - SD - Great finish to a great game. Jake Delhomme seems to have recovered nicely from "Tommy John" surgery in the offseason.

Arizona 23 at San Francisco 13 (ARZ by 0.5)
Norm - SF - At least Frank Gore showed up.
Jake - ARZ - I still don't like either team, but Arizona now leads the NFC West at 1-0.

Dallas 28 at Cleveland 10 (DAL by 6)
Norm - CLE - Anytime a Cleveland team has a good year, it's destiny that they suck the next year. (This coming from an Indians fan.)
Jake - DAL - I can not wait for MNF. Eagles heading to Dallas. I'm predicting a great game, regardless of who wins. ESPN Instant Classic?

Chicago 29 at Indianapolis 10 (IND by 8)
Norm - IND - Chicago looked like team that played in the Super Bowl years ago. Can't say the same for the Colts.
Jake - IND - Peyton Manning looked rusty after taking the preseason off. Bears RB Matt Forte had a great debut.

Monday 9/8

Minnesota 19 at Green Bay 24 (EVEN)
Norm - MIN - The Vikes D is going to have to cause turnovers if they want to win games.
Jake - GB - Aaron Rodgers looked good and got to do a Lambeau Leap after a QB sneak for a TD. Oh yeah, Norm. Your team sucks.

Denver 41 at Oakland 14 (DEN by 1)
Norm - DEN - Jay Cutler just picked apart the Raiders D.
Jake - DEN - Oakland's young offense is still a year away.

BOLD - Indicates Winning team; Italics - Indicates Push

Norm - Week 1, 6-9-1; Overall, 6-9-1
Jake - Week 1, 8-7-1; Overall, 8-7-1

Norm - Micheal Turner, RB, ATL - He put on a clinic against Detroit. Finally gets reward with a starting job after backing up LT in San Diego.
Jake - Donovan McNabb, QB, PHI - Yes, I'm a homer. But seriously, he was phenomenal against the Rams and I'm just glad he's healthy.

Norm - The NFC is starting off as predicted, with the usual powers, Dallas, Philly, New York and Green Bay, winning. Not so much for the AFC, as San Diego, Jacksonville, Indianapolis and New England all struggled.
Jake - Solid performances by rookies in Week 1 included Eagles WR DeSean Jackson, Bears RB Matt Forte, Ravens QB Joe Flacco and Falcons QB Matt Ryan.

Jake - I'm very happy to have won the first week of picks and at least be over .500, unlike my comrade. My Eagles are 1-0, his Vikings are 0-1, just as I had predicted. This has been a telling week for NFL teams, especially the AFC.
Norm - A college intramural team could have put 38 points on the Rams secondary. Week 2 I'll be back and better than ever.

Thanks for reading along guys. Comments and Feedback are always appreciated.
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The Roommate War - Week 1 NFL Picks

My college roommate, Norm, and I have numerous disagreements about sports. And now since our baseball teams (Norm's is a Cleveland Indians fan) have been out of contention for a while, we have been focusing most of our attention to the upcoming NFL season. Each of us claims to have extensive knowledge about sports in general, and now we're putting it to the test. Basically, I'm going up against Norm's weekly NFL picks is his online pool. We're using the spread from a trusted website and do not advocate gambling in any way. Champion at the end of the season might win something to be determined at a later date, but this is mostly for bragging rights. Picks are in normal font. Recaps, scores and winners in BOLD

Thursday - 9/4

Washington 7 at 16 NY Giants (Spread - N/A*)
Norm - WSH - Clinton Portis is the man, and the Giants losing Osi will be a big deal.
Jake(Me) - NYG - Portis is good, but I'm still not sold on Jason Campbell as a solid QB yet.
Norm - Jim Zorn is not Smarter than a 5th Grader.
Jake - Jason Campbell and the 'Skins O looked terrible. Jim Zorn could be on the hot seat soon.

*-game was picked without spread prior to start of game Thursday night

Sunday 9/7

Detroit at Atlanta (DET by 4)
Norm - DET - Matt Ryan will be a good QB down the road, but Boss Bailey (LB, DET) is better than anyone on the Falcon's D.
Jake - DET - Atlanta will need time to recover from last season and the Mike Vick catastrophe. Jon Kitna is still underratted.

Seattle at Buffalo (SEA by 0.5)
Norm - SEA - Buffalo won't have an answer for Julius Jones in his debut.
Jake - SEA - Don't like this line but Seattle should win this game. Matt Hasselbeck still has a few solid years left in him.

NY Jets at Miami (NYJ by 4.5)
Norm - NYJ - Not even Chad Pennington can save the Dolphins.
Jake - NYJ - Broadway Brett lights up a rebuilding Miami team.

Kansas City at New England (NE by 13.5)
Norm - KC - KC won't win, but they'll cover.
Jake - NE - Lies sir. KC will be out of this game by the first quarter.

Tampa Bay at New Orleans (NO by 4)
Norm - NO - Jeremy Shockey will help this team tremendously in the Red Zone.
Jake - TB - I'm still down on the Saints from last year. Reggie Bush needs to have a bounce back year.

St. Louis at Philadelphia (PHI by 7)
Norm - PHI - Brian Westbrook picks apart the Rams D in my "Survivor League Pick of the Week."
Jake - PHI - Survivor Pools suck, but a healthy Donovan McNabb and Brian Westbrook will overcome the Eagles injuries to the WR position.

Houston at Pittsburgh (PIT by 7)
Norm - PIT - Mike Tomlin used to coach in Minnesota, there for making him the man.
Jake - PIT - Big Ben and a solid D have the Steelers thinking about crashing the AFC Playoff party in January.

Jacksonville at Tennessee (JAX by 3.5)
Norm - JAX - Jacksonville should win this going away. They're a legitimate Super Bowl contender.
Jake - JAX - This team will scare a ton of people this year and should contend for the AFC South with the Colts.

Cincinnati at Baltimore (CIN by 2.5)
Norm - BAL - This could be a field goal game, but I'll take the Ravens and their strong D to cover Joe Flacco's first start.
Jake - CIN - I despise this game. But I'll take the dysfunctional Bengals over a rookie QB any day.

Carolina at San Diego (SD by 7)
Norm - SD - Chargers could have control of this game by halftime. SD in a runaway.
Jake - SD - I'll give the Panthers a little more respect, but having Steve Smith out (suspension) is a big deal.

Arizona at San Francisco (ARZ by 0.5)
Norm - SF - Two words: Frank Gore.
Jake - ARZ - Again, I'm going against a rookie QB in JT O'Sullivan. I don't like either of these teams very much.

Dallas at Cleveland (DAL by 6)
Norm - CLE - I'll take the Browns to cover, but the Cowboys should win this game.
Jake - DAL - I was on the Browns bandwagon last season, but opening against a Dallas team out for redemption will be too much for this rising team.

Chicago at Indianapolis (IND by 8)
Norm - IND - As a Vikings fan I hate the Bears. It also helps the Peyton and the Colts are pretty good.
Jake - IND - Chicago really needs to find a QB. A solid D could cause problems for Peyton, but a blowout W for the Colts here wouldn't surprise me.

Monday 9/8

Minnesota at Green Bay (EVEN)
Norm - MIN - I'm a Vikings fan. I love the D my team has and I don't know how Aaron Rodgers will do in his first start. AP 28 ALL DAY!!!
Jake - GB - I'm just not big on Tavaris Jackson. And I'm going against Norm to piss him off.

Denver at Oakland (DEN by 1)
Norm - DEN - Might as well be an even game. I'll take the Broncos and whoever is rushing against the Raiders D. McFadden is the real deal though.
Jake - DEN - Denver is a solid team and I'm surprised this line isn't higher. Denver with a comfortable win as Jay Cutler begins what could be a breakout season.

BOLD - Indicates Winning team

Norm - The return of AP 28 on MNF. Darren McFadden's debut. The return of football.
Jake - A healthy Donovan McNabb. Aaron Rodger's crushing Norm and his Vikes on MNF.
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